On Tap #1  January 1, 2011 - January 15, 2011

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1st Place - Headliner - [writing deleted]
2nd Place - Opening Act - [writing deleted]
3rd Place - Mic Check - addicted to violence...
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - left handed smoke shifter
Honorable Mention - "Drinkin and Dreamin"


Contest for Hair of the Dog Group Members Only

George told me once that he came up with the name for his pub while thinking about the worse part of writing...the withdrawals.

I admit, I scoffed at first...writing's not a drug...how can someone have withdrawals from it???

Throwing his hands up - time-out fashion, he expressed to me that call it what you will, writer's block, a dry well...it's all the same. A writer writes, every day, thinks about writing every hour then suddenly can't. No new ideas flow, nothing profound and inspiring pops into mind and the beloved muse has left the building. Suddenly you find yourself face down in the trough grasping at any passing whimsy you can find. How are you, the writer, any different than an addict?

He wanted the Hair of the Dog to be the beacon for writers...a place where they can drag themselves to for re-invigoration to ward off the DT's of writer's block, to settle the shakes with a fine read of exotic, expressive writers, artists, musicians. This is the Hair of the Dog.

CONTEST OBJECTIVE: Write a piece of any genre, style form that expresses your greatest addiction and what happens to you when you don’t have it. What eases the pain?

THE CATCH: I want you to produce something in your safe zone. With this prompt I'm not going to ask you to experiment or push limits, that will be for another time. Write it in a style that is your most comfortable, your safe zone, they style you’re best known for. Write in a way that any of your regulars would say "I could tell that was your piece without even seeing your name on it".

I'm testing the waters here...feel me?


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