On Tap #8  April 20, 2011 - May 1, 2011

Contest Completed


1st Place: Date with Maybel - [writing deleted]
2nd Place: Headliner - [writing deleted]
3rd Place: Opening Act - [writing deleted]


For Hair of the Dog Members ONLY

You've finally figured it out...after months of attending the same table at the Hair of the Dog Pub, you finally realized what it is that keeps you coming back for more. Its the beer.

Oh yes, seems like the obvious answer doesn't it. Maybel's sexy, yes... George keeps the prices low, sure... but the brew that Maybel serves up is the key. Something...something in it is inspiring! One sip of the divine concoction makes your mind reel with possibilities. And it seems near universal! It doesn't matter what mood you're in, what day you come in, or what the weather is like... with just a simple sip images pour out of your mind, down your arm and your pen is working at such a feverish pace that you think your paper is going to catch fire!

The Prompt: listen to the audio track and write to it. There are no words so this won't be easy. Play it a few times let it sink in. Prose is welcome, just keep it under 1k ; poetry, of course.

Wow...this isn't so hard...I'm sure that's what you're thinking (too soon, too soon)

The challenge: If you're writing poetry (not prose) you CANNOT use the following words:

and, dark

Listen to the audio Here: http://youtu.be/gmjFZ07UiDk



Created Apr 20, 2011