On Tap #9  June 1, 2011 - June 15, 2011

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Last time you dropped by was the 10th time you passed the door. The brightness of the area seemed to dim a bit…the concrete was a bit grayer, shadows were darker since the doors of your favorite pub have been closed.

George has been on his “vacation” for nearly a month. And all that time you've had to spend your time at the Dogs & Suds across the street. Rootbeer is a poor substitute for Mabel's brews. The Hair of the Dog is just around the corner now, and you hope that god awful “On Holiday” red and green polka-dot sign is out of the window. Hold your breath as you round the corner…and, and…

YES! George is back! Rushing through the doors the yellow hue of the wood, orange of the 1950’s style vinyl…and the ever stunning Mabel scarlet bar maid outfit. Your heart skips a few beats while your eyes readjust.

Goal: In poetry or prose* tell a story on any topic of your choosing.

Challenge: You must make your readers feel the emotions by using colors.

(*keep prose under 1,000 words)


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