Once Upon a Time...Just a Little Different  September 25, 2009 - October 10, 2009

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This was EXACTLY what I was hoping for! - Fairytale Ending
Wow, this is incredible! Way to go! - Once Upon A Dream
You have amazing talent! Great Job! - Once Upon a Dream
This is stunning...I'm so glad you shared it with me! - The Reaper


Use a typical line from a fairy tale, like "once upon a time,'' or "Starlight, starbright...yadayadayada," or anything like that. But instead of telling a children's fairytale, tell me a real life story (or just a more realistic one). If you want an example look at my poem "Once Upon a Time." Don't make it a freakishly happy one please...but don't make it disturbing either. Just write about real life...just use the line you pick from a fairytale.
Oh, and please put the line you chose (like 'once upon a time') in the description part so I know what you used. Thanks :]
Just Plain Me
P.S. I'm only going to accept poems. Sorry!


The satiscaftion of winning. lol


Just Plain Me
Just Plain Me
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