One Life+One Heart+One Mind= One Story.  August 12, 2011 - August 22, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


Jaw-dropping, heroic, romantic, funny, EPIC, deep ECT.!!! these are the kinds of stories we want to read. We are looking for any stories really, that can make our day, touch our hearts, speak to our souls; send chills through our bodies. If your story can be proven to be one of these, then please enter it in our one-of-a-kind contest!


$0.00, virtual *hugs* and a review for the chosen ones x]


Most Heartfelt Most Heartfelt
Bone-Chilling Bone-Chilling
Amazingly Humorous Amazingly Humorous
Nearly Burst intoTears! Nearly Burst intoTears!
Jaw-dropping Indeed Jaw-dropping Indeed
Warmed My Soul Warmed My Soul
Nail Biter Nail Biter
Life Lesson Life Lesson
Epic Score Epic Score
Honorary Confection Honorary Confection




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