One Of A Kind  May 25, 2009 - June 19, 2009

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One Of A Kind - [writing deleted]
Unique - Sabra Jane
Really Rare - Lana, Dancer of Sultry Steps -MATURE
Rare - Ophelia
Hard To Find - Scarlet


Ok... I want poems with the names of girls as title... I don't want simple and common names of girls... I want rare, beautiful, nice, and unique names of girls... For example: Aerith, Nouvelle, Alouette (You can't use these ones)...
Write a poem about that name relating it to a girl... Ok... You won... it can be about ANYTHING, love, friendship, hate, murder, about ANYTHING... The name that you pick up to write the poem is very important to choose the best pieces and it MUST be the title of the poem, so choose a great girl's name!!! Be creative!

P.S: It doesn't mean I'll choose the most rare, beautifulest, nicest, and unique name, the poem counts too.


El Salvador


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Created May 25, 2009