One day we'll be together.  April 4, 2008 - April 6, 2008

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Winner! - A Vision of Love
Excellent work! - To my love...
Brilliant write! - [writing deleted]
Amazing work! - [writing deleted]
Simply Beautiful ! - I\'ll be There
Great write! - Till Death Do Us Part
Honorable Mention :) - Still with you.
Honorable Mention :) - I\'ll Take Care Of Your Broken Heart


"To whom I love I give My Heart To and there its last home shall be.I trust my heart there it will stay safe,my heart will never come back to me ..

The feeling of Your fingers between mine,My love for thee will never change
from now or to then ..
With Our love's candle Will always be Lit with U I Promise not to Leave,We hold a treasure that awaits many others And One we will always be"

This one will going to be a short one!
I want a poetry about the feel of togetherness of love and the power of the promise of love! :)


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