Ooh, baby I like it raw (take 2)  August 10, 2014 - August 20, 2014

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Raw, real raw. - Breaking Up
Thank you. - back in the bin
Untitled, raw. - [writing deleted]
O0o0, baby! - Say Pretty Please!~Adult Content
Boss. - Thought


Give me your real, raw s**t. Anything, Break-ups to crack rock, I want to read it all. I am not accredited enough to really give you anything other than the bragging rights and a review for the win (reviews for all!). But please, I want to see that non sappy, straight to the core, post 19th century poetry/ literature exists amongst amatuer writers.

I'll take stories, as long as they aren't a too long (like a page or two, I don't have that much free time). Poetry, your own style, your own heart, again, no essays. You can say a lot by not saying much at all, or am I just lazy? who knows, get to it

It's a new time and a new day, time to create your own style and see if it catches on.


the fact you won


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