Open Your Time Capsule   September 18, 2016 - October 18, 2016

Contest Completed


1st Place (Total Package) - Sitting in my chair
1st Place (Very Creative) - Knock Knock, Mr Fox
1st Place (So Bad its Good) - [writing deleted]
1st Place (Nice imagery) - Understanding
2nd Place (Total Package) - WHAT THE PARROT SAW
2nd Place (Very Creative) - Not Strong Enough
2nd Place (So Bad it's Good) - Dear cuting
2nd Place (Nice imagery) - The Wanderer


Uncover your earliest writings that were packed and sealed away simply to be forgotten years later... Until Today that is!

This contest will be marked on originality (Literally)

So don't bother correcting all of those amateur mistakes or changing the content of your writing. *Post it as you had it from the very beginning!*

Submissions should:

Be More than 5-10 years old (the earlier your writing the better)

Include an estimation of the original dates in the top right corner of your submission

Include Between 300 words min and 1000 words max (submissions over the max wont be accounted for)

Incomplete/Partial stories are allowed

Be Old, Sloppy, and Far from perfected. !

All mature writing will be denied

* Message me if you have any questions or concerns with the contest rules *


1st place winners receive a review from me


creative Marie
creative Marie
Rawdon , Nova Scotia, Canada


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