Opinion Editorial Contest  May 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014

Contest Completed


The most passionate - Let Them Live
The most objective - The Abortion Debate
The most interesting - Mango Tears
The most opinionated - The Sky is Falling
The most news-like - The Unlawful Meeting Tree
The most informed - Equal Under the Law


Write a piece of political journalism or current events coverage from your own opinion. Any style is welcome, just so long as it is political in nature or has to do with current events. Give commentary on a current event in a new and surprising way. No cap on word count. All submissions will be summarized in a piece by me. This is an experiment of mine to see if I can derive a new type of collaborative journalism. Nobody wins, but in the end everyone wins because everyone's opinion is represented in the final piece. I will, however, personally comment on the top three submissions.


Notoriety, self satisfaction, mention and reprinting of your work in a piece by me giving my opinion on the opinions stated in the submissions.


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Froszt von Uexkull
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