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Reading and Deliberating


Ok,I am re-opening this contest. I didn't get exactly what I wanted last time. I got alot of poems telling me about christianity. Just to be clear, don't enter any more works about that. If it is in Christianity I want your own opinion. So stop entering works like majority entered. Basically, just make up your own relgion. I wanna see what you can open your mind to, how you can process it...can you think it out and make it work? So no more poems! I have really come to dislike them now.

Write a story, book, one of the works of art that expresses your own view point on religion. Tell me what you know, what are your beliefs on or around religion. I'm searching for those with open-minds. Please don't enter this contest and tell me how much of a hardcore Christian you areor tell me about Christinaity. I want something else, something different. I simply want other view points, opinions, and theories. So open your minds and let the games begin.

NO POEMS! I know a few..no a lot... may get pissed but I won't read them if submitted.


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