Original Hearts  July 17, 2011 - July 31, 2011

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Most Original - [writing deleted]
Most Novel - [writing deleted]
Most Interesting Idea - The Writer and The Artist
Honorable Mention - What my eyes remember
Honorable Mention - Forbidden Dream


Today your challenge is this: write me an original love poem.
Your restrictions are below.

1] Compare it to something that hasn't already been done. (This includes anything that you wouldn't normally think of. Be creative! Let those brain juices flow.)

2] The lovers in the poem can be any kind of couple. Straight, Bi, Lesbian, black, white, alien, vampires... Yeah, giving you a bit of free reign here.

3] Maximum length is 1 1/2 page (1.5 or one and a half). NO LONGER THAN THIS.

4] Preferably a freshly written poem, but if you have something that fits the criteria, feel free to submit it.

Go! The force is with you. :3


A badge, original satisfaction, and a review from me. :3



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