Our Heroes Live On In Legend And In Lore  March 22, 2011 - April 15, 2011

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Excellent Writer - September
Honorable Writer - The Final Battle
Precious Soul Writer - 1981


Please take the time to read a few of my poems about my son, such as An American Flag In My Lap or Arlington National Cemetery or my poem Can you Hear My Bobby's Voice. After you have read them, please tell me who your hero is, and write me an acrostic poem... If you have no one in mind, please feel free to write how you feel about my son Bobby. I miss him so very much, I wrote for hours deep into the days and nights for over 3 long years until I was able to let his ashes go. I wrote through my sorrow and my mourning and my grief in disbelief that he is gone from me forever. Yet I hear that he is in a better place. I hope so... The poem you wish to read at this moment is the one I will share with you tonight... It is an acrostic poem, bearing the same name as this contest. Our Heroes Live On In Legend And In Lore. Hope to see read your submissions soon... Debileah by the way, the contest ends on tax day April 15th, he passed on that day due to a drunk driver and a head on collision which my bobby saved the life of a tiny 4 yr old child... thank you for your participation in my contest.


Knowing you have a compassionate heart!



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