Out of the Window  January 2, 2013 - January 4, 2013

Contest Completed


GOLD - Windows Can't Show Me Everything
Silver - Flower by Levi Levin
bronze - Unbreakable
honourable mention - I Think I Know Stars
honourable mention - In the Rain
honourable mention - Warm Hearth
honourable mention - Describing a Moment
honourable mention - The Snowman
honourable mention - The Wind
honourable mention - Restored


Look out of your window and write a poem about what you see.


The honour of winning, experience, reviews, etc.


The Nameless
The Nameless
South Africa


13 Contestants
18 Submissions
Created Jan 2, 2013

Siren's Song
Siren's Song
In a sleepy hidden town, a resident wizard stands guard. The competition gets out of hand, and someone may not come back
Siren's Song Chapter 2
Siren's Song Chapter 2
Lamia arrives in Westerwood, attempting to gather information about the town and its competitors.