POETRY in-FORM-ation: The Than Bauk  May 17, 2010 - May 24, 2010

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POETRY in-FORM-ation -- hosted by Raivenne

POETRY in-FORM-ation is a weekly poem challenge to see how far you can stretch your creativity within the confines of a form poem. I didn't want this to be a "course" as everyone writing here will be self-taught and we want to enjoy the results of what you've learned. Some forms will be really easy and others -- um not quite so... Hey this is a CHALLENGE after all. :D

NOTE: Ignore the "Prize". I have to fill that out as it is a requirement of this template, but there are no prizes. This weekly contest is strictly for the love and challenge of expanding our knowledge of different poetic forms.

Please pay attention to the details of the given weekly form. The point of this challenge is to learn (and to use) the poetic forms given each week. Please do not submit a poem that does not follow the challenge of this week. Any entry not adhering to the given form will be asked to be removed.


The Than-Bauk is Burmese and goes something like this (the capitalizations is for rhyme illustrative purposes only, you do not capitalize the rhyme words - unless of course that is a part of the write):

"Not norm of TYPE
You may GRIPE and
Or snipe this form"

Three lines, four syllables each. And the fourth, third and second syllables respectively all rhyme. It's even shorter than a haiku, but a lot more structured.

You could put several of them together to make a than-bauk poem like so...

"Not norm of type
You may gripe and
Or snipe this form

Now do take heed
and please read 'tis
your deed to write

But do not mope
you will cope I
do hope with this"

...or chain them such in the example below (again, capitalizations is for rhyme illustrative purposes only):

"Not norm of TYPE
You may GRIP and
But do not FEAR
Yes, please HEAR the
rhymes CLEAR are they
which in fact PLAY
to the WAY those
forms SAY it goes"

Traditionally, than-bauks are supposed to be witty and memorable. A more serious Than Bauk poem can be found here:

As always, I look forward to reading your entries.

Happy quilling!


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