POETRY in-FORM-ation: The Triolet  May 10, 2010 - May 17, 2010

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POETRY in-FORM-ation -- hosted by Raivenne

POETRY in-FORM-ation is a weekly poem challenge to see how far you can stretch your creativity within the confines of a form poem. I didn't want this to be a "course" as everyone writing here will be self-taught and we want to enjoy the results of what you've learned. Some forms will be really easy and others -- um not quite so... Hey this is a CHALLENGE after all. :D

NOTE: Ignore the "Prize". I have to fill that out as it is a requirement of this template, but there are no prizes. This weekly contest is strictly for the love and challenge of expanding our knowledge of different poetic forms.

Please pay attention to the details of the given weekly form. The point of this challenge is to learn (and to use) the poetic forms given each week. Please do not submit a poem that does not follow the challenge of this week. Any entry not adhering to the given form will be asked to be removed.


The triolet consists of two quatrains (stanzas of four lines each), so this is a short form of poetry. The challenge with the triolet is that there is a lot of repetition of lines, which can make it somewhat difficult to create. The form is as below - I've provided a simplified method of instruction (no "a/b/a/b" patterns here!):

First stanza:

Line 1 ("a", for the poetry buffs in the room)
Line 2 ("b")
Line 3 (rhymes with Line 1, or "a")
Line 4 - this line is a repetition of the entire Line 1, not just a rhyme!

Second stanza:

Line 5 (rhymes with Lines 1 and 3, or "a" again)
Line 6 (rhymes with Line 2, or "b")
Line 7 - this is another repetition of Line 1, not just the rhyme.
Line 8 - this line is a repetition of Line 2, not just the rhyme.

For an example of the form, here is one I've written today. This poem is actually two triolets written together, which can be done. Also, I've written each triolet as one continuous stanza, which is optional - it can be one long stanza or two separate stanzas.

The Hangover

Oh man! Oh how my head does ache!
I should have just stayed my tail home!
That last Cuervo was a mistake
Oh man! Oh how my head does ache!
But one last shot I did partake
Now my stomach feels filled with loam
Oh man! Oh how my head does ache!
I should have just stayed my tail home!

Below is another example in which I was being artistically creative and turned the very short Triolet into a very long form, but held the distinct rhyme pattern.

For this challenge, let us stick with the traditional (8 line), form.

I look forward to reading your Triolets.

Happy quilling!


$0.00, The knowledge gained from conquering a new form!


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