POETRY in-FORM-ation | The Ghazal - hosted by Raivenne  April 2, 2010 - April 12, 2010

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POETRY in-FORM-ation -- hosted by Raivenne

POETRY in-FORM-ation is a weekly poem challenge to see how far you can strech your creativity within the confines of a form poem. I didn't want this to be a "course" as everyone writing here will be self-taught and we want to enjoy the results of what you've learned. Some forms will be really easy and others -- um not quite so... Hey this is a CHALLENGE after all. :D

NOTE: Ignore the "Prize". I have to fill that out as it is a requirement of the template, but there are no prizes. This weekly contest is strictly for the love and challenge of expanding our knowledge of different poetic forms.

Please pay attention to the details of the given weekly form. Since the point of this challenge is to learn (and to use) the poetic forms, any entry not adhering to the given form will be removed.

THIS WEEK'S FORM: Ghazal (pronounced "guzzle")

The ghazal consists of:

- Five or more couplets, generally an odd number of total couplets
- Theme is generally of a romantic nature
- Consistent meter throughout
- Each couplet consists of a specific idea that can stand alone (do not connect the couplets other than in theme)
- Rhyme scheme of AA, BA, CA, DA etc.
- The final phrase of the second line of each couplet is a repeated refrain, or Radif
- The final couplet contains a reference to the pen name of the poet as its “signature”

Example: A Moonlit Night

For some a sun filled day is pure delight
Other's only sway is a moonlit night

Somewhere a couple will argue once more
Belying the charms of a moonlit night

New parents cry at their newborn’s first screams
The result of a tender moonlit night

A reverend prays for a convict’s soul
As a switch is flipped on a moonlit night

Late night blooming flowers ignore the sun
Preferring the dark of a moonlit night

Watchers spy the stars while Luna rises
Enjoying them more on a moonlit night

And they’re all worlds away from you right now
Loving a Raivenne through a moonlit night



$0.00, The knowledge gained from conquering a new form!


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Raivenne is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Raivenne if you have any further questions.

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