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Mr. Poe, is That You? - Fools rush in
The Next Mr. Poe - Black Buttons
Poe-esque - Poor Little Rag Doll
Nightmares! - In sleep he watches..
Sick-Nasty! - Planet of The Damned


Your task is to write a poem or poems that portray Edgar Allen Poe's writing style, I-I mean CONTENT (that was for you, Rick). I don't mean depressing or sad, but scary, eerie, shudders, murder type poems. For an example of what this is, you can read my poem, "Innocence the Baby" or a poem that I selected for another contest called, "Black Buttons" (not sure who wrote that one)
Sorry to be repeating myself, but I was asked to do so
1. The poem should NOT be just sad, dark or depressing.
2. The poem SHOULD be eerie, psychotic, murder and horror.
3. Poe didn't write about his feelings in a sappy-gooshy way, he wrote about them by paralleling them to horror stories and horror poems
(Yes, Rick, if you were wondering, I AM immature, arrogant and stupid)
Hope that helps,


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