Pain and Anger  December 4, 2014 - December 24, 2014

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good job - Hysteric Nobility
you are worthy - Sepulchre Seduction
one of the best - `Wings of A Dream`
very good - Continental


If you're submitting poetry, talk about the pain you've felt because of someone (maybe it's unrequited love, maybe a friend betrayed you), or anger that you feel towards someone and want to get out.

If you're submitting a story/chapter/book, it HAS to be INDEPENDENT of all your work on here. Talk about the pain or rage a character (or more) feels towards one person or multiple people. Pain/anger has to be a major theme. No word limit.

It can also be a reflective piece about a painful experience you had (and no, having your period does not qualify).

If you're submitting anything else, just make sure that pain and/or rage plays a big role in your piece.


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