Pain of my lonely nights...  May 6, 2008 - June 8, 2008

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The most painful and lonely night - The pain of my lonely nights
Very painful and lonely night - [writing deleted]
Painful and lonely night - Insomnia (Acrostic)
Deadly night - What Comes With Night
Dark night - This ~That I Rather
Silent night - Chill Night (Sin Paciencia)
Alone in the night - The Boiling Man
Alone in the night - i may not make it through the night
Alone in the night - [writing deleted]
Alone in the night - Highway Suicides


Write about pain, and that too pain of lonely nights..It should be deep and dark!

"Watch as this tear falls into empty space
See it fall into life's nameless place
Can you see the sparkle as it catches the light
That sparkle once was happiness that is no longer in sight
As it falls watch it, its color has changed
From blue to bright red, it has a wide range

There it goes all alone, it continues to fall
With it, it takes the emotion, the emotion of all
Wait, can you hear it? A sob has broke free
Has shook the lungs cold, but yet it continues to be
Here it comes, a force has been built between the eye
A wall of shear water, it's now time to cry

A shudder, a scream, darkness envelops your soul
The darkness of the night has taken its toll "



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