Painfully or Lovingly Poetic.  September 1, 2008 - December 1, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Place (Amazing Write) - Impossible Farewell
2nd Place (Wonderful Write) - If you think...
3rd Place (Good Write) - Empty
4th Place (Nice Write) - [writing deleted]
5th Place (Honorable Mention) - If I Had A Gun


This is a contest strictly for poetry. Whether it was painful or loving, I want to feel your true emotions when I read your writing. Let's keep this strictly as relationship type poetry. Friendly, family, or romantic relationships. I'll be judging on several things, but grammar and spelling errors don't count here, so don't worry about them. Mostly, I'll be judging how you express yourself, as well as how well you show me how you really feel. This contest is three months long, winners will be chosen within 2-3 weeks of deadline. Good luck.


Knowing you have the ability to move me with a poem.


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