Paint Me Alice  June 20, 2011 - June 27, 2011

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Most Alice Inspired - [writing deleted]
A Different Perspective - Brown Bunny, Purple Dress
Most Creative Interpretation - [writing deleted]


I want to read your poems about Alice in Wonderland. It doesn't necessarily have to be about Alice. But I'd like for the poems to mention something from the movie / book. Unless it's a comparison type thing of how you're like Alice. [ If that makes sense? ] Message me if you're confused.

Winner gets a badge. Yay! Aren't we all excited?


Badge, Satisfaction of a job well done


Alice Bounty
Alice Bounty
Lost Inside, TN


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Created Jun 20, 2011

Siren's Song
Siren's Song
In a sleepy hidden town, a resident wizard stands guard. The competition gets out of hand, and someone may not come back
Siren's Song Chapter 2
Siren's Song Chapter 2
Lamia arrives in Westerwood, attempting to gather information about the town and its competitors.