Paint YOUR Picture  February 20, 2009 - March 6, 2009

Contest Completed


First Place - Color me
Second Place - - She Must be me
Third Place - [writing deleted]
Runner Up - Me, Myself and I
Honorable Mention - On My Eightieth Birthday


Write me a poem (or submit a previously written poem) that lets me know who YOU are. I think this one will be a fun way to get to know you! Make me feel like I've known you forever, inside and out!!!!

I will consider poems by writers outside of the group since I haven't accumulated many members yet.

**Contest end date subject to change. I have the end date set for that time to make sure I get a sufficient amount of members and submissions before time is up! It will probably be changed in the near future, again, depending on submissions, but I will be sending out messages to let everyone know the date has changed.**


Awards given to the top poems!


Samantha Grace
Samantha Grace
Simpsonville, SC


17 Contestants
38 Submissions
Created Feb 20, 2009