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Paint a Picture with Poetry  February 22, 2011 - April 1, 2011

Contest Completed


Blue Ribbon-The Best - Homestead
Most Happy/Hopefillled Poem - Life is a thing of beauty, and of pain.
Most Gloomy Poem - Homeless Soul
Tie for Most Gloomy Poem - I Once Was Beautiful
Most Unique Poem - [writing deleted]
Tie for Most Unique Poem - The Journey
Honorable Mention - To the girl I don't know


Use the picture for inspiration and paint a picture with poetry. Very, very short poetic prose will be also be accepted.

The pic is a photo of a lone daffodil enclosed by an old rusted fence and backed by small trees and an old tree stump.

A larger pic can be found in the photos section of my profile.


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Created Feb 23, 2011