Pandora’s Box of Horrors CHALLENGE 2016  May 1, 2016 - August 1, 2016

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PANDORA’S BOX OF HORRORS is a Facebook page offering complex writing challenges. The current challenge is detailed below. Please navigate to the link to sign up for the challenge. The winning submission will be promoted on Twitter by the editors, on WE PAW Bloggers group page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and shopped around to open submission online magazines offers. There are no specified word or form limitations -- just remember, though, it’s a short story challenge. Please navigate to the Facebook page to sign up for the current challenge:

NEW SHORT STORY CHALLENGE 2016: In the theme of Pandora’s box of horrors, write a dystopian future 20 years from now predicated on the worst-case scenario you may envision. However, your denouement must be a way forward to a hopeful future.

All forms are acceptable, including: poetry, prose, spoken word video performance, etc.

All entries to Challenge 2016 should submit their entries in blog format and provide the link on this feed.

Deadline for submissions to be received: 01 August 2016. After submissions are receive, the finalists will be given editor’s notes and a chance for final edits before the winner is decided. All submissions must be age appropriate for ages 13 and up (the Facebook age limits).


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