Papier Mache Bombs: The Anthology  January 21, 2008 - May 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Revolutionary WordSmith - Alice
Power-Seizer - Elusive
The Great Uniter - Other People Set the Options, We Must Choose
Mass Movement Maker - Life from the Dark side.
Peacenik - I Do
Ranter - ABC\'s of chaos
Small-Scale Rabble-Rouser - [writing deleted]
The Person Behind the Person Behind the Person...Behind a Poster of that Person... - Dreams


For a Chap. Anthology tentatively titled, "Papier-Mache Bombs". We're looking for submissions by ANYONE on the broad topics of Social Commentary, Political Rants, Justice, Civil Disobedience, Peace, and Unity. We're also looking for B&W and Limited Color Artwork.


Payment is solely in copies and all rights remain with the contributor.



17 Contestants
30 Submissions
Created Jan 16, 2008

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