Paranormal Romance  October 5, 2009 - December 31, 2009

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Best Overall Paranormal Romance Story - [writing deleted]
Second Best Paranormal Romance Stroy - Reunity
Third Best Paranormal Romance Story - [writing deleted]


I would really like to see some paranormal romance. I'm talking warewolves, and other such creatures. It can even be a person with some kind of power.

It has to be a story, and I ask that you make it somewhat short. It doesn't have to be two paragraphs short, but I ask that you don't make it so long that I have to take breaks in between paragraphs.

The story can be as sweet or as erotic as you wish. I absolutly love erotic stories, but I also love sweet, romantic stories. It has to be a romance, and please nothing with girl on girl or boy on boy action, because I don't really like reading it. Its fine to enter a story with a same sex couple as long as it doesn't get descriptive with any sexual encounters, because I won't read it.

Other than that, any other sexual encounters are welcomed and encouraged so long as it's between a man and a woman, or I guess I should say a female and a male, because I'm not really sure if you would classify a creature as a man or woman. haha.

I ask that you don't submit anything with vampires, as they are highly overused right now, and I am sick of reading about them. Its fine if a vampire makes an appearence in the story, but they cant be the main character.

Well have fun with this and good luck. I'm going to try to keep up with reading submissions as they come in, and am going to put up several awards.

I am changing it to TWO submissions, so that you have a better chance. I also moved the date up to December so that you have more time.


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