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Contest Completed


1st place. I subscribe to your writing. - Faceless
2nd place. I subscribe to your writing. - [writing deleted]
3rd place. I subscribe to your writing. - THE VEIL OF LOVE
4th place. - The Dead Soul
5th place. - Womb Snatchers
6th place. - Puppeteer


To start off, please read the rules. It never fails that when I make a contest, someone enters something that has nothing to do with it. I am tired of reading entries that don't go with the contest.

So on with the contest.

As everyone knows paranormal writing is big right now, and personally it's my favorite genre. For this contest I woul love to read some paranormal romance, or a pranormal fantasy story. But hold your horses vampire and werewolve lovers, there is a twist to this contest.

In this contest I don't want to read anything about vampires or werewolves. Come on people, don't you think they are getting a little boring? Well, I do.

I want you to write about any paranormal creature you would like. Rather it be Fae, Harpey, or dragon. Write about a creature you don't hear about often. Make the story sexy, exciting, or full of adventure.

Only a few rules. People who don't go by these rules will be automatically out of the contest.

1. NO vampires or werewolves. Sorry but be creative for once.
2. NO POETRY!!! I will NOT read it. Stories and books only!
3. The creature must actually be in some kind of histroy. Meaning you can't just make up your own creature.

So there you have it. Have fun with the contest and get the creative juices flowing

Happy Writing.

P.S Here is a website with a list of a bunch of creatures that you can choose from. Keep in mind that you can modify the creatures any way you would like to.


All stories that qualify will get a review. I will subscribe to the top thee writers.




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