People of Hyrule  May 28, 2013 - May 30, 2013

Contest Completed


Biggest Zelda Fan - The Wind
Second Biggest Zelda Fan - Legend Of Love
Navi's Assistant - People of Hyrule poem (contest entry)


This contest is for Legend of Zelda Fans :) You are to write a poem themed on The Legend of Zelda series . It can be on anything as long as it is themed on The Legend of Zelda series. So have fun with it! This contest ends THURSDAY NIGHT at MIDNIGHT!!! :D be awesome my fellow Hylians.. Message me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat :)


Biggest Zelda fan title and bragging rights.


Edward S
Edward S
On a mountion top isolated from the rest of the World, Canada


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Created May 28, 2013

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