Perfect Something  May 1, 2008 - July 11, 2008

Contest Completed


1st place - Oh, What A Night!
2nd place - [writing deleted]
3rd place - On Poetry
4th place - [writing deleted]
5th place - [writing deleted]
6th place - My Own Perfection
7th place - Sunset and Snowfall
Honorable Mention - Pursuing the Rare Orchid
Honorable Mention - Music
Honorable Mention - This world of ours
Honorable Mention - Beyond the Forest Green
Honorable Mention - Almost paradise
Honorable Mention - suddenly you\'ll hear your thoughts ...
Honorable Mention - by soul and spirit
Honorable Mention - ... and you will excel!


Write me a poem, story, or any other type of writing telling me about what you think is perfect. It can be your perfect day, friend, picture, moment, song, food, place, time, or any other perfect thing. I want to see your perfect what ever. It is all as simple as that.


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Picture of Poetry
Picture of Poetry
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