Personal Individuals  November 15, 2009 - January 28, 2010

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1st place - I Am From
2nd Place - The Old Grey Mule
3rd Place - [writing deleted]
4th Place - The Tomato Field Dance
5th Place - Knowing the Man
6th Place - Learning, Caring, Feeling, Thinking.
7th Place - [writing deleted]
8th Place - Memories are burning me.
9th Place - [writing deleted]


Show me your best writing on something can be a story, book, poem, what have you, it just has to be personal to you

I had no idea this would be so popular, so I added/edited my awards. I don't really like doing the 1st place 2nd place, ect. but I really didn't know what to call them D: lol
Thanks for submitting such great writing everyone!!!


A giant smile :D


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Just Plain Me
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