Personified Poems  March 17, 2013 - March 21, 2013

Contest Completed


1st Place - Miracles
2nd Place - Lonely Mirror
3rd Place - Sweet Escape


Are you up to a challenge? Create a poem that ‘really’ personifies an object.

Rules & Objectives:
1. Only one poem can be submitted
2. You can choose the poem type: alphabetical, free verse, sonnet, etc.
3. You can choose what object you would like to personify: book, cupcake, a river, etc.
4. You can choose the genre
5. I will be looking at structure, punctuation, grammar, & spelling.
6. I encourage for the contestants to read and review each other’s poems.
7. Please do not steal ideas from one another.
8. I will read and review each poem.

Any questions? Just message me.


Blue Belle
Blue Belle
Elmira, NY


10 Contestants
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Created Mar 17, 2013