Philosophical despair  March 6, 2012 - March 30, 2012

Contest Completed


Scholar of Nietzsche - Epic
Belittler of Life - Why?
Clockwatcher - Measuring Infinity
Existential thinker - “¿Por que?”
Lessons from scars - Trouble


Write a philosphical poem that is melancholic, and include a phlosophy quote. There is a difference between writing philosphy and writing an arguement, so dont submit a poem promoting stuff like civil rights, because that is not what this contest is about. Write about life, love, conciousness, society, whatever you want.

A few simple rules-
Be mature
Don't be stupid
No erotica
Don't forget a quote (Not one of your own)

How to increase your chances of winning (not required)-
Write closed form (no free style)
Use meter
Write in german (no other language)
Mention a real philospher (you dont count)

I will adjust the number of winners deprending on how much stupid stuff is submitted compared to good poems. And if not enough submissions appear i will delete the contest altogether, there is no sense in holding a contest for only a handful of poems in which half are guarunteed to win by default.
Be serious, dont be stupid, and have fun.

Oh, and if you submit a german poem i will know if you just used google translate to translate the poem, because translater sites are not very good with grammar. So dont test me on that.


If your work is good enough i will review it, and maybe you will get a friend request (unlikely, but possible).


Probably working in the back of an ambulance or sitting in my cave doing god knows what., FL


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