Pick Your Prompt:  June 26, 2011 - July 9, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


Ok so here are some prompts, go ahead and pick one, then write a short story OR poem about it! I tried to pick atleast one prompt everyone would like:) Some of them are a little crazy...

1. A duck who discovers a rare gemstone that gives it the power to_______.
2. An eighteen year old girl/boy is off to achieve her/his dreams in new york city.
3. Someone of any age dsicovers a whole new world with people just like earth's.
4. After a boy/girl's parents die (you decide how), he/she runs away and embarks on the journey of their lives.
5. Girl + Boy. (But please make it interesting and not cliche)
6. Write a mystery of some sort:) add clues and suspects, all that kinds of stuff.

You may submit 2 entries, but you may not submit two poems or two stories. Please submit only one poem/ story, or one of each:)
Have fun!


A blue ribbon and some writing fun! lol


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