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First Place ~ Wild Horses - Ethereal Mane
Second Place ~ Wild Horses - Horses Of My Soul
Third Place - Wild Horses - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - Wild Horses - Cuddley Cat


"The soul is the same in all living creatures,

although the body of each is different"

~ Hippocrates

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by Wicahpi Iyozaza

Beautiful horses run through the snow
Breath-taking in their strides
Galloping across the blizzard pass
A stallion presides

Born into a life of freedom
Colts racing to catch the breeze
Tails swept gracefully in the wind
To keep warm in the winter freeze

Thundering hooves pound the earth
Echoing through the canyon walls
Mighty steeds of coloured mix
Stop to drink by the icey falls

Nickering calls between mare and foal
So not to stray to far from the herd
Little filly with a blazing star
Plays tag with a raptorial bird

Come spring with the winter thaw
Mother Nature will again rebirth
From the frozen terraine new grasses
To fatten up their shedded girth

November 9, 2008
� 2008 Wicahpi Iyozaza


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Wicahpi Iyozaza
Wicahpi Iyozaza
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