Plathian Scrawlers  April 26, 2007 - May 1, 2007

Contest Completed


Ariel (First Place, Most Confessional Prose) - [writing deleted]
Ariel Rising (Second Place, Highly Confessional Prose) - [writing deleted]
Ariel Becoming (Third Place, Confessional Prose) - [writing deleted]


In the spirit of Sylvia Plath and her contemporaries (such as Anne Sexton), please submit your best confessional poetry & prose. Show readers a raw, uncensored image of how you see yourself and your life. I'm not looking for overly sentimental poetry, but offerings of blood; the stuff you are made of. Don't tell me why you slit your wrists, but how it felt. Tell me about what you are ashamed of, what you've done that's f--ked up, the things no one really knows about you, except for that pen and that page. I'm looking for raw poetry. Real emotion. Don't be afraid to go there, and if you choose to write about a subject that's been done 100,000 times... take it to a new place, make it your own. It's time to let your past go, and poetry is one of the best means by which to do this. Good luck!


I will review each prize winner's poem personally, and post a link to the first prize winner on my personal writer's cafe, myspace, and facebook profiles.


Adam McWhorter
Adam McWhorter
Montgomery, AL


Created Apr 26, 2007