Poems of Hope  November 7, 2007 - November 11, 2007

Contest Completed


You have HOPE - Stars of Hope
You have HOPE - [writing deleted]
You have HOPE - [writing deleted]
You have HOPE - Tobacco Road
You have HOPE - [writing deleted]


OK, this is our first group contest!! Excited much, I am! Well here it goes:

This is a poetry contest and for this contest I want poems about hoping. I want to here that you still have it or that you are getting some back. I know how hard having hope can be, but that means I also know how precious it is. I know a lot of what I write isn't exactly hopeful, but there is at least one poem that I've written that I look at at least once everyday. (It's caled [Untitled] and it's in our literature section)

I will hold a Contest of Hope every week and the winner will be featured in our group (if they want to be). The ony catch is you cannot submit poetry that you have submitted in any previous contest of Hope (yes I will check). So every week I want to see new visions of hope.

Good luck to you all, not only in this contest but in your journey of recovery.


Reviews and Hope (the greatest prize anyone could receive



Created Nov 7, 2007