Poetic Skills Contest  June 13, 2008 - June 20, 2008

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Poetry Master - [writing deleted]
Poetry Scholar - [writing deleted]
Poetry Enthusiast - Aphrodite (The Best)
Poet - Honorable Mention - Regrets
Poet - Honorable Mention - El corazon de la Muneca


I haven't been here long, already I've seen a good deal of great poetry. This leaves me wondering, how many of you can identify exactly what poetic devices you're using? Please submit your best work that includes at least two of the following:

- Metaphor (this can be as simple as a simile or as complex as an extended metaphor!)
- Assonance
- Consonance
- Euphony
- Cacophony
- Allusion
- Personification
- Anaphora
- Synesthesia

Note that RHYME DOES NOT COUNT. Your poems can certainly rhyme, but they must include at least two of the elements listed above to be considered!

And if you don't know what some of the above terms mean, feel free to message me or to look them up :-) I promise that I will at least critique all submissions!

Happy writing everyone!


Nothing but these little ribbons. Sorry!


Emily Rose
Emily Rose
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