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Poetic Souls (2)  December 11, 2012 - December 13, 2012

Contest Completed


Read request of 3 of your poems of choice - [writing deleted]
Read request of 2 of your poems of choice - The Trees
Read request of 1 of your poems of choice - My Biggest Fear
Honorable Mention - The Woodcutter


You loved the first contest so join this one! No curse words (doesn't matter how good the poem is, if there is a curse word you are disqualified), length of poem doesn't matter but if I get bored (not easily done) I will stop reading a poem. A poem should captivate not bore. Furthermore, I would ask that there be no mature content. Thanks and have fun!


Review request to me and my friends



38 Contestants
131 Submissions
Created Dec 11, 2012