Poetry Coloring Book Award Debut  June 22, 2011 - July 18, 2011

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Poetry Coloring Book Award 2011 - ++morning++


Earn this first ever, colorful poetry award! The Poetry Coloring Book is a concept made by Joseph D. Smith based on colors as genres, which attempts to unite poetry, rather than categorize it.

The Poetry Coloring Book Award 2011 is an immaterial object, which is more of a title than a physical prize. The winner will have all bragging rights and may make their own physical prize however they see fit with their own time and costs.

Edit: The winner of the Poetry Coloring Book Award 2011 will also own the title, who will own the rights to it! The only rights that will be retained to Joseph D. Smith is his moral rights. Although, the person who owns it will not own next years title, unless they win it. Good luck!


Poetry Coloring Book Award 2011


Joseph D. Smith
Joseph D. Smith
Juleokin, KY


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Created Jun 23, 2011