Poetry Consideration #4  June 12, 2013 - June 19, 2013

Reading and Deliberating


Poetry Consideration is back everyone! I have returned from my temporary silence on this website, and it's time to review and write some poetry!

Enter your best poem here! One poem per poet! Good luck!

News from me: My book Temporal has one chapter entitled 'Alcoholic Destiny', and the second is coming soon! Check it out!!

Other: If you have what it takes, write something ominous, terrifying, and blend it together with a thrilling conclusion. Enter your best story, book, or poem into my other contest this week 'The Hour of Finality'!

Note: If you are to enter into the 'Hour of Finality' contest, I ask you create a new piece of work, instead of entering an older one. Thanks!


A Review and a friend request!


Best poem this week! Best poem this week!
Another great poem! Another great poem!
A great read! A great read!
Featured: Most Depressing Featured: Most Depressing




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