Poetry Contest  July 14, 2012 - July 21, 2012

Contest Completed


Winner - For just one Moment~
1st Runner Up - Jake
2nd Rinner Up - When Muses Die
4th Place - Granny's Art
5th Place - Black Water
6th Place - Toys
7th Place - This Week's Forecast
8th Place - Tattoo My Soul
9th Place - whisper it
10th Place - A Siren's Song


So I thought I'd give this contest thing a try.
What I'm looking for:
Any genre is welcome. Any topic is welcome. What matters to me as a reader and a judge is the language. I want something out of the ordinary-something enchanting. Try to submit your pieces where you feel you went completely crazy with your imagination. THAT'S what I want to read. Well good luck! The deadline is close because I just want to see how this turns out.


Blue Ivory
Blue Ivory
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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