Poetry Standoff: The Prelims  April 12, 2015 - April 30, 2015

Contest Completed


Passed-First - Reluctant Hero
Passed - `Time Revisited`
Passed - The Question
Passed - ====Evolution of a Dream====
Passed - The Parrot
Passed - Toy Maker
Passed - The Doors
Passed - [writing deleted]
Passed - [writing deleted]
Passed - Murder


I am starting this contest series called The Poetry Standoff. This is the preliminaries, and the first contest of the New Writers' Society, but I welcome anyone to join.

In this contest, you are allowed to enter one poem about anything. Of these, I choose ten to move on to round two. There are three rounds. If you get to the next round, you must enter a different poem for that round. Only five poets will survive until the third round, and the remaining five writers will have their third poems voted on by anyone!

So any interested, come and join!



25 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Apr 12, 2015