Poetry That Doesn't Suck~ with Picture Prompt Option  May 21, 2011 - June 2, 2011

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Literary Firestarter - [writing deleted]
Imagination In Full Bloom - Waxen Wings
Surreality Sparked - Quiet Girls
Creativity Ablaze - The Sin of Fear
Bright Sparks - Dichotomous Poetry
Smoldering - [writing deleted]
Stunning Embers - [writing deleted]
High Octane Gem - [writing deleted]



Self explanatory to the creative and intelligent, but I'll break it down for the imagination challenged. NO drivel, no boring, run of the mill writings, no parameters, no classic form, no s**t, no whiny, self centered ego indulging fluff. I don't care about how your boyfriend is an a*****e or the love of your life. I don't care how clever you are because you can write a haiku or mimic Poe or Byron. This contest is for original thinkers, who are bitten raw by their muse and bite us all in the mental meat with effect. This contest is for those who see in prisms, who dream in merry go round whimsy and know how to allow the POEM TO WRITE THEM INSTEAD OF THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
This is my attempt to bring the enchantment back to the Cafe which is sorely lacking in it these days and all the magicians are bailing ship and the trolls are attempting to insert their flat iron paws into the heart of the site.
Picture Prompt is optional, just ignited my own creative flame and thought I'd share with those who wanna pick up the spark themselves and create around it.
If you do post and have not read the guidelines be prepared to be constructively critiqued with perchance a slight bicthy flavor to the tone.

so think on these pointers before posting;

1) no s**t poetry (if you think this might be you... it is)
2) s**t poetry will be slammed... by several people
3) if in doubt ask a friend, unless they're s**t too
Carry on and have a nice day~

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NoneOfYourBusiness akaKITTY KUTABAREakaCandyPole
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