Poetry and songs important to you  January 10, 2010 - January 17, 2010

Contest Completed


First place - See- Through
Second place - Take This Flag
Third place - [writing deleted]
Fourth place - Flowers To Weeds
Best rhymes - [writing deleted]
Most creative - Dark Love


This contest is just for fun, no prizes. All you have to do is write a poem about somthing that interests you- it can be love, nature, family, losses, anything you want, just make it original and sentimental. Genre does not matter, and length doesnt matter. Limit is four poems. (you can also submit songs.) You will be judged on rhyming, creativity, and interesting. Good luck.


$0.00, none



11 Contestants
34 Submissions
Created Jan 11, 2010

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Digress Digress
Read the notes below, a little poem about entwined hearts.