Poetry reading  January 7, 2013 - February 9, 2013

Contest Completed


First place! - WILDFLOWER
Second place! - [writing deleted]
Third Place! - Sun and Moon
Best flow - [writing deleted]
Best rhythm - The Best Gift
Best Charaters - [writing deleted]
Best scene decription - That Night
Honorable mention - The Bride and Groom Kiss
Honorable mention - Beautiful


I am having a poetry reading in Feb for my "Avon Poetry reading and tea with the Avon lady." I would love to get the chance to share some of your wonderful works. I will let you know what everyone thinks after, and after each poem I will say who it is done by and point them to writers cafe.

Poems must be about happy love or powerful/touching love, tea/British teat parties, woman and martinis. Can be slightly on the dirty side but must be on the tasteful. Short-medium in length please.

Please keep in mind that this with be an elagant party.


Will be read at a poetry reading, bragging rights


Calgary, I am a fan of the egyptian gods, Canada


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