Poetry that rhythms  June 14, 2010 - June 20, 2010

Contest Completed


Best poem overall - Alofa Bread
Best message overall - Grace
Second place poem - Valentines Day bah humbug!!
Third place poem - Empty Chair
Fourth place poem - Mourning Star
Most heart warming poem - Soul Mates
Most creative poem - Night Approaches
Most unique poem - `Ragdoll Puppet`
Amazing poem - [writing deleted]
Amazing poem - A Soldier's Story


Everyone has always been told poetry doesn't have to rhythm. However, poetry that does rhythm shows a unique difference from regular poetry. Plus everyone knows it's funner to read. =) Submit up to five pieces of poetry that rhythms. It can be about whatever you wish.

UPDATE- 6/15/10- There are so many great poems being submitted I decided to add a few more awards. Keep them coming guys! =)

UPDATE- 6/21/10 - Wow! 125 poems. That was a lot for me to read through. I picked a top 25 and now I'm working on picking the awards. Amazing job, some really great poems. I enjoyed reading all of them. (: Congrats to the winners!


Pride of knowing you won. =) All of this is just for fun.


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