Poetry with Passion  June 4, 2010 - June 18, 2010

Contest Completed


Edgar Allan Poe - Is This A Dream?
Robert Frost - Soul Mates
T. S. Eliot - Flames of Love
4th Place - Portrait of love
5th Place - The Night


Rhyming Poetry only and must be written with passion...

Example -
Virgin Love
By: Adam M. Snow

My first time loving heart;
I knew it from the start;
thus be a dream;
to let all sparkle and gleam.
If only thou knew my love;
was truly sent from above;
would I be here right now;
speaking a virgin's love vow?

How great is thy passion?
It pierces thee with fashion;
like a spear called lovers woe;
for I feel it's gentle flow.
Thus be a wish upon a star;
for I know who thou are.
Tis be but a virgin love;
sent from heaven like a dove.

Thus this be a lover's birth;
no money can equal its worth.
Thus it blooms gently like a rose;
and yet preciously it grows.
I have great affection;
for that girl in the moonlight reflection.
I am but a man unspoken;
with love never broken.


Adam M. Snow
Adam M. Snow
El Mirage, AZ


23 Contestants
50 Submissions
Created Jun 5, 2010

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