Poetry with Rhythm & Rhyme!  April 25, 2013 - May 31, 2013

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Got the gift of rhyme? Does your poetry have sublime rhyme designs? Do you write rhythmically divine by rhyming several times within a single line blowing minds with prime rhyme and then stop on a dime in perfect time? Well I’m – looking for you! Let your creative juices flow bards! Submit 2 or less of your best rhyme poetry. Any topic (including Mature) and all forms of rhyme scheme poetry are acceptable. The top 5 submissions will be crowned, sceptered, and throned.


Pride and bragging writes


1st - Diamond Crown 1st - Diamond Crown
2nd - Platinum Crown 2nd - Platinum Crown
3rd - 24k Gold Crown 3rd - 24k Gold Crown
4th - White Gold Crown 4th - White Gold Crown
5th - Rose Gold Crown 5th - Rose Gold Crown


Tara Shenéa
Tara Shenéa
Atlanta, GA


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  • Any WritersCafe.org Member can Submit
  • Only Poetry can be Submitted
  • All Genres of Writing can be Submitted
  • Each Contestant May Submit 2 Pieces of Writing
  • Writing may be submitted 4/25/2013 - 5/31/2013
  • Winners will be decided by the Moderator


Tara Shenéa is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Tara Shenéa if you have any further questions.