Pokemon Fanfiction Contest!  December 24, 2012 - February 15, 2012

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Eevee, I choose you! The beloved game of Pokemon is ever expanding. In light of Black and White, and Black/White 2, I have launched a contest!

Your mission: Write a fanfiction with at least 1 plot twist (Kidnapping, death, etc.) for one of the following couples.

N and White (Or Japanese) Touko
Hugh/Rosa (Rival and Female lead in B-W 2 )
Curtis/Rosa (Female lead and side quest character from B/W 2. Would look them up. Sooooo cute! This couple is my favorite, and I wish there was more fanfiction for them!)!

********Note*** Each couple will be scored separately. Rosa/Curtis entries will not be scored against N/White entries***
You may enter one book per category. No one shots, but the book does not have to be 100000 chapters either. 5 is just fine. There is not limit to length either, just no one shots!!


$0.00, :) A special poem from me to you about your favorite pokemon!


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Angel Wings
Angel Wings
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Created Dec 25, 2012

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